58days later

Strolled through my facebook tagged photos just a while ago and realized it doesn’t take long before I reach the photos taken when I first arrived in Hong Kong. 58 days ago! and it felt like merely a month ago.

The past 58days may have felt periodically less significant, but I have experienced so many things, went through various phrases of ups and downs, and learnt so much about myself. Besides the fact that I had an amazing time here going for dimsums and discovering HongKong! (:

Really took me a very long time to settle down in this foriegn enviornment. The overwhelming effect of new experiences and events made me a different person. But inside, I am still who I am, and it is a tremendous reassurance for myself.

Most importantly, I have come to appreciate friendship. Travelling across the small patch of waterbody (since singapore is so bloody near anyway) alone, meeting different people along the way, I realised how much a friend can support you and give you strength when you stupidly think that you’ve reached the end of the road. They help open another window for you and let the sun shine through(:

Thanks to everyone who has made my once-in-a-lifetime experience so frigging awesome! (: will treasure the next 60 over days and keep all the memories deep in my heart. No one knows how our friendship will be like when we are back in Singapore,when we’re back to our lil comfort zone and familiarity, but at least we can make the best out of it now. When I think back of my SEP days, I will be happy to know I came and crosses paths with a bunch of amazing people!

and to all my friends in singapore, who are already part of joanie (CLEARLY! PLEASE DO NOT DOUBT! LOL), I love you (: and I know, all of you will always be by my side(:

Photos I desperately want to print to pin on my cockboard but have absolutely no time to do so due to exams and slacking my time away half the time –>


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