what happens at six sharp

thought of posting on my daily dinner routine in HKUST tonight!

Its really quite like eating dinner with your family on days you’re at home (and not camping in school rushing projects or mugging your ass off). You know, that comfortable quiet feeling of just eating and chatting about the lil happenings of the day(:

so its a daily six sharp gathering at LG 5 canteen (: unless its a go-out-for-dinner-day-cause-we’re-sick-of-school-food!

The ever-so-crowded LG 5 during mealtimes.

Found out something pretty amusing today :

a shuffling of tables in a weak but bonus-for-effort attempt to change the

dull and boring canteen environment LOL

Fashion statement of the day –> my RED FBT! This is so hall-fashion! and I’m loving it! (:

Really can’t be bothered to dress up for a quick dinner after a tiring 80+ MCQ mid-term paper

Its a norm to have drinks with your orders in HK,

and its hard to resist because of a mere addition of 3HKD for Iced Milk Tea!

err…50cents sgd? HAHAS!

Craving for noodles today so here’s my 杂酱面 order(:

added a heap load of my favourite chives!

#1 lifesize walking stomach : Johnston Yeo.

Credits to his record of downing 6 thick toast bread cause it’s expiring,

and the fact that he ate dimsum for lunch, laksa for tea and wanton mee for dinner today!

#2 Rice lover : Cheah Ai Lin,

my beloved daughter who is a total 无饭不欢的饭桶!


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