there is always a second time!

Went to Pixar Exhibition the second time – first visit in Singapore, second visit in Hong Kong!

Its still as inspiring as before(: Although I felt that the exhibits were similar and lesser as compared the one at Science Centre, but its really cheappp! 5HKD for students! To think I paid 20ish SGD!

“we’ll come back again the next time!” is the most common comment when travelling or for my case, on exchange. It just so happens that we always walk pass a restaurant or dessert place with a full stomach! so here’s to a new dessert place – 唐伯虎 @ Mongkok area(:

Mango Pomelo Sago

Green Tea Shaved Ice with flavourful Green Tea Jelly, chewy lil Mochi Balls, Red Bean topped off with condensed milk that really the kick!

Chocolate Shaved Ice with Banana!Mango and Milk with cornflakes and strawberry topping

Went back to 聪嫂 the zillionth time, and tasted my favourite Red Bean Mash with Sago for the 2nd time! (: I swear I must stuff myself with that as much as I can before I go back! Its impossible to find something so awesome in Singapore’s Hong Kong Dessert places!

Shall blog about my hyper weekend another time after I get my photos uploaded(:

and cheers to the new sport I picked up here in HKUST! I hope I don’t get loopsided arms/forearm muscles!

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