saturday before recess week! 😀 Feel like I really deserve this lil break. Little because I have many things I wanna accomplish (OTOT) this coming week. Had such a tough 1st half of the semester! really affected my emotional well being badly…Being able to finally sit down and clear the mountainous pile of readings and lecture notes makes me feel so much more relaxed as compared to assignments & project meetings!

Got myself new glasses, finally! The old one was wayyy too scratched everything seems blurred. Loving my new paul frank specs ((:

But…I don’t think my eyes are enjoying the new specs cause they get tired EASILY )): still trying to adapt by switching between glasses once in awhile. Now I know how ugly my old glasses were LOL

Another new dessert place I found on Valentines Day that serves value for money cakes!:D Although I really wanna go back to Antoinette again, but its really expensive and there’s always a queue!

Pique Nique @ Takashimaya #B1-01/02
Ngee Ann City Tower A, directly next to KFC.

Its really easy to spot, especially with pretty packaging for their cookies and cakes! But I needed a reason to make Merv bring me there and Vday (without flowers/balloon) was the right reason! :p

Ordered Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcake and Chocoroco!

I’m a sucky for salted caramel so anything with salted caramel attracts me! Especially since I’m a superficial person when it comes to dessert hehe. This one looks too pretty and yummy to be missed. The chocolate base cupcake had the right amount of cocoa and fluffiness. There were spots of caramel within the cupcake and the crumbles on top were really crunchy and buttery!

As for the Chocoroco, its similar to my absolute favourite cake from four leaves! (The one that taste alil like ferraro rocher). It has rich chocolate mousse layered with chocolate sponge and my beloved crunchy base! Didn’t want something too overpowering cause I was kinda full and this one hit the sweet spot(:

Will definitely visit again to try the oreo cheesecake and all day breakfast (which looks yummy but seem alil too heavy for me).

Off to grab coffee with sis now! perfect weather for sleeping in today! But woke up early to wake jeremylin lose his first match after the streak of 7:/

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