withdrawal and binge

Experiencing withdrawal from Hong Kong and holiday mood! Don’t feel like going for lessons and I want to complete all my assignments and projects! Wish I have another week of recess week…

Binge “boyfriend” as well if there is even such a term LOL boyfriend has been really busy with his CFA competition since last year. and yes, I am bloody serious, (end of)LAST YEAR. Merv and his team invested sweat, blood, sleep, relationships and hundreds of hours each in to the competition. And it was no easy journey for everyone! There were really bad times too… But I am glad they made it so far and I am proud of my lil boyfriend although he has been kinda missing most of the time. Even I benefitted from this competition with more new friends and experiences(: So due to SERIOUS lack of boyfriend’s attention for the past few months, I am encountering severe binge habits now. Getting all showered with attention and love! Shall grab it all before something else comes along the way and keeps boyfriend busy away from me again!

By the way, managed to catch a movie today – Act of Valor. A story of U.S navy seals and their missions. I am a ridiculously girly person inside but strangely, war related movies attracts me! Its sad though. Check out the trailer(:

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