Brasserie les Saveurs: Restaurant Week 2012

A lil surprise trip planned by Merv a month ago(: Haven’t been able to find time for a meal like this for months.

Pure Indulgence at Brasserie les Saveurs, and in my opinion, we deserved the pampering! We totally enjoyed tranquillity of the place(: High ceiling, crystal chandeliers, beautiful pool view and a quiet afternoon for us.

We were served with the usual bread basket and ordered our favourite San pellegrino (which for some strange reason, only fancied by the both of us).

The restaurant’s complimentary amuse bouche, chilled tomato-based vegetable soup. It gave a good refreshing touch to prep our tastebuds! 

Merv ordered the Wild Mushroom Veloute, croutons and chives cream while I ordered the Chicory salad with roasted walnut, lardons, emmental and blue cheese, topped with mustard dressing. Thats a mouthful but basically, I was attracted by the word blue cheese (crazy cheese fan). Well, eventually finished Merv’s soup instead of mine, clear winner :p

I chose the Oven Baked Red Snapper rested on a confit of capsicum, with Parma Ham and herbs coulis. Fish-lover-me says my snapper is overcooked, sadly. But the dish was saved by the Parma Ham and capsicum, felt french with a touch of indian flavoring (from the confit of capsicum).

Lamb Shoulder with Ratte Potato, fennel and semolina was merv’s main course. Do not be deceived by the small portions on the extremely huge plate! Its quite filling and yummy too! The lamb shoulder didn’t smell “bad” and cooked till tender and soft. The brown sauce went well with it too. I’m not really sure which was better, snapper or lamb. But I am certain the next dish was AMAZING(:

Both of us ordered the Trio of Chocolate mousse with coffee ice cream and pepper anglaise cream for dessert! Definitely looks like a better choice compared to the Fruit Salad with Lime Sorbet on the menu. The sinful rich chocolate mousse, balanced with a lighter coffee ice cream really ended our meal on a sweeeet note(: The three layers of mousse wasn’t your usual light mousse, it was super chocolatey!

All this makes me so hungry now…I better sleep now! :/

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