Forgive & forget

What triggered me to write a new post after a really long time…

Was at Toa Payoh Central tonight, got on to the car where my dad was waiting for us. A guy came knocking on the window and started the conversation with an impatient and interrogating tone

“Are you a resident here? Do you know you are at a red lot?”

Nope, we are not residents here at Toa Payoh and yes we know we are at a red lot. We were merely waiting in the car for the rest of our family members to get in (5 minutes later).

And the argument began.

My parents were fuming mad because this man started arguing, shouting and ended with “mother fucker”. Of course my dad started rising his voice after awhile…

But to me, this is such a saddening scene.

Why do we only realise the goodness of humanity only when a plane comes crashing in to world trade centre, SARS come knocking on our doors, earthquake and tsunami hits Japan, painful bombing scenes at a marathon, and nuclear war threats…

Things would have been different even with the smallest effort in making the world a more peaceful place. We need to reflect on our actions, to forgive & forget, and think of how to become a better person everyday. Its normal to be selfish, but its not normal to not realise you are selfish and reflect.

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