Best Instagram Moments of 2013

Just reminiscing on 2013 and found a cool site that does a mini-video-recap of your best moments (on instagram) of the year. Interestingly, some of my most liked instagramies are really special moments of the past year. Lovely brunches, NUS Graduation that came long after I graduated, special colleague’s wedding and of course, my Seoul Trip (:

New year, new beginning! Looking forward to what opportunities 2014 will bring and how I am gonna make the best out of it.

Some good old rules I have for myself every year regardless.

Treasure old friends, make new ones (:
Know your priorities and always go an extra mile for those who are worth it.
Be humble always.
& never be afraid to love with all that you have.

Happy New Year everyone and may 2014 be awesome for you!

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