Building Lean Startups – 2 Day Bootcamp

Attended a 2 day bootcamp at The Hive, Pollenizer with various entrepreneurs and winners from Coca Cola Hackathon. It was good to see Sam as the coach, who was also a mentor at the SingTel L!fesparks Hackathon last November. 

The Lean Startup Bootcamp is a training course for entrepreneurs on lean startup theory and hands-on exercises on the practical tools in ideation, manual testing and most importantly, pitching. It was a great experience for me as it was highly engaging! There were never-ending hands-on exercises to make sure you know how to apply the concepts, interacting with different people and sharing openly about your ideas. 

One thing I learnt is never to be afraid to share your ideas. The more you share, the more you learn and understand. It is absolutely fine to look stupid when you’re sharing your idea, focus on listening to what others have to say and share with you. Ultimately, if you nail your idea, no one is gonna think you look stupid anymore 😉 

It is also a great exercise to pitch someone else’s idea! It strips away your emotionally attachment and defensiveness for the idea. Giving it a fresh set of perspective and just giving yourself a chance to brush up on your confidence level of speaking in front of others! 

There were just too many learnings for me the past 2 days to list out now. Shall continue again… (: 

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