Galloping in Sydney

Spent my 2nd Chinese New Year abroad, and this year its in Sydney! The thing about Sydney (especially the city) is that there’s tons of Asians – from Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Taiwanese etc. All of which celebrates Chinese New Year!

Despite missing out on CNY goodies and gatherings with friends and family, I managed to get a hint of the festive spirit with CNY Eve dinner at Golden Century Restaurant recommended by a friend who works & stays in Sydney. It’s a clear popular choice cause we made reservations for 9pm and only got in at 945pm!


Got my Yu Sheng fix and Char Siew at Golden Century although the Yu Sheng is vastly different from the ones in Singapore and Malaysia. The focus here is more on the Sashimi instead of carrots and radish.

There isn’t any Public Holiday in Sydney for CNY so we had to go to work nonetheless on 初一 and to reward ourselves for that, we had Si Chuan Steamboat for dinner. The only way to feel cheena here is to keep going for Chinese food :p But it was fun cause we kinda chat up with the Chinese waiter, you know, share the cheena love (:


Extremely spicy and tasty soup with loads of my favourite dishes like fish, mushrooms, fried beancurd skin, lamp slices and wanton (: Aldrich & I are like 2 retarded kids all excited and dressed up for 初一… just missing the part where we go visiting and collect Ang Baos…


初二 was Dim Sum day for us after our weekly basketball sessions with a bunch of Taiwanese/hongkongers who works here (: The australians call it Yumcha instead of Dimsum. Had pretty authentic (Hong Kong) Dim Sum on pushcarts at Market City! The restaurant was bustling with canto-conversations!


Cooked my first meal in Sydney on Saturday night! Bak Kut Teh for dinner 🙂 Maybe cooking-bak-kut-teh-talents flows in my blood since most of my relatives are in that business.

I spent my Sunday fruitfully with Aldrich before the first working day of the galloping year today! The best part about Sundays is the fact that we can wake up at 1130am, wash up and just stroll to Glebe for brunch. Glebe is just filled with brunch spots in the day and pubs & restaurants at night! Best way to soak up the aussiness (: Its our to-do list now to strike off the different brunch places at Glebe every Sunday since its just a stone throw away.


yupp…we will grow fat. #Diettomorrow!

Another great truly local thing to do in Sydney or Australia is to just hang out at the beach. Any beach! Grab your shades, bikinis and sunscreens and vrroooom off to some nearby beach. As recommended, we drove down to Bundock Park (Clovelly Beach), about 20 minutes away.


It was a beautiful natural-outdoor-pool because of the clear blue lagoon surrounded by rocks and cliffs. The sky is almost always cloudless in Sydney so sunbathing, bikini girls and bubbly jumpy dogs are accessories to these beautiful beaches (:


There were streets of cafes, restaurants and surf shops near the beach that’s great for a cup of coffee and beachwear shopping (: I always associated beer with beaches but unfortunately in Sydney you’re not allowed to have any alcohol on the streets and at the beaches.


And to end the peaceful relaxing day, we found a random restaurant, with the perfect spot for CNY Fireworks viewing at Darling Harbour! We were pretty lucky cause we reached just in time (without knowing what time exactly) and found the perfect spot by the harbour,along with Lemon Lime Tart and Moscato. Although CNY doesn’t warrant a Public Holiday here, its still a big event with hours of parading in the city and 15 minutes fabulous fireworks to welcome the Horse year.

I’ve only been here for 3 weeks and it felt like 3 months~ Absolutely missing my family & friends back home. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the well deserved CNY break! I will always be thinking of you guys during my time here although I can’t be Skyping often due to the time difference (: Stay healthy and happy! And to my dear colleagues, hang in there, March will be here soon

Something I learnt here is never to let failures burst your bubble. Try your best to get the momentum and motivation back in any way possible~ Easier said then done but that’s life. Not everything is well path and planned out for you. When you need to find your own directions, getting lost is part and parcel of knowing which route to not take the next time round.

Love you all,


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