Ma Maison Japanese Western

Hidden at the most inaccessible part of Central @ Clarke Quay (which in itself already known for its weird floor plan and configuration), a homely & cosy little French/British-look-alike restaurant with Japanese Menu.

I was never a fan of Ma Maison till I decided to try Tonkatsu by Ma Maison @ Mandarin Gallery and fell deeply in love with it! It is a must-try I recommend to most of my friends, because its on par with my #1 favourite Tonkatsu in Kyoto – Katsukura.

So Ma Maison Japanese Western Food has been around for a good 4 to 5 years, and I think it warrant a try, although I am not a big fan of fusion food.

Ma Maison Japanese Western IMG_2693Ma Maison Japanese WesternMa Maison Japanese Western

The number one plus point is definitely the cosy, homely wood furnishing, feels like you are having a meal in someone’s home 🙂 Although you don’t really see much consistency in their fusion-inspired decorations, a bit of British, a bit of French, a bit of Japanese, a bit of American. But it somewhere to go to relax, and chat over tea/coffee or Ma Maison Wine! (Yes, they have their own wine which I am trying for sure on my next visit)

And of course, the food came and I was sold. Another Go-To on my list 🙂

Ma Maison Japanese Westernj

French Onion Soup – Taste very Japanese actually, but managed to keep the original French flavours. Love the baked cheese (who doesn’t), but a little too salty as a whole.

Ma Maison Japanese Western

Mentaiko Seafood Spaghetti – I love all things Mentaiko but the thing that caught me of guard is the smokey taste infused. Try it for yourself & you will know what I mean.

Ma Maison Japanese Western

Finished off with their popular Strawberry Tart. The crew at this outlet are really polite and attentive. Our water glasses are never empty, no dirty dishes laying around, and when we asked for the dessert menu, she brought the entire selection of tarts to our table for us to choose from.

I am pretty sure I will come back again. It’s hard not to when the window seats overlooks the river, as the sunset, you catch a glimpse of bustling Clarke Quay, and great food! Ladies night – 20% off ala carte menu on Tuesdays!

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