Third Last Day of 2014

One of my Christmas cards this year wrote:

” 2014 has certainly been an exciting year for you 🙂 Wishing you a really Happy 2015! THIS IS THE YEAR FOR YOU 🙂 You know it…”

2014 has indeed been one of the most exciting year for me. I met lovely people along the way, I lost some along the way. It was a roller coaster year I will never forget! Every experience is a valuable lesson for me in 2014, which will pay off in 2015.

I’m thankful for the best friends who stayed by my side and always supportive. (Yes, don’t doubt yourself, you’re all the bestest ever!)

I’m thankful how I learnt to treasure my family more.

I’m thankful for how I’ve been through so much and became who I’m today.

I’m thankful for those who helped me along the way in every smallest action possible, because it takes a lot (inside) for someone to willingly offer a helping hand.

2015 will be a blasting year! I’m gonna be soaring and I know it! 😉

Stay healthy and happy everyone. And always be thankful of the little things in life.

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