Struggles of the new age

Do you feel like you want to do something but you just can’t seem to figure out what you want to do? I have that feeling all the time…my hands itch at the thought of being stagnant, and I get this feeling hitting me straight in my face whenever things get too boring, aimless or comfortable.

Maybe its a disease of the new generation.

Either way, I am obviously in that state now else I wouldn’t be sharing it.It doesn’t mean my life or work isn’t exciting, but I want a more holistic experience. And I notice that are a few small little baby steps to make myself feel “better” (or rather, less frustrated at my inability to stay still).

Just do something!

We wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep. Repeat. It is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and get into a robotic mode. I try to have something exciting to look forward to every week (as much as I can) – be it meeting friends, trying a new drink at the bar, catching a movie, or better still, if I get to learn something new like fishing or archery – it goes a long way. Its a fine balance between being in the comfort zone and being out of it. In it, you get bored, outside of it, you get stressed and uncomfortable but discover something new about yourself.

Find out the source of any bugging feeling and face it 

For instance, we have been brought up to find a job we like, only then will you find happiness. But does it mean that you quit if you hate it? Probably not. Sometimes all you need to do is identify the reason, and a simple change of setting some boundaries between work and personal life will help. Have goals for yourself outside of work! For me, my goal this year is get my diving and driving license.

I am still trying to figure out new ways to deal with this strange bugging feeling, and at the same time looking for opportunities to venture into new terrains.

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