WFF#1: Ju Shin Jung, Brawn & Brains, East Coast Park Cycling

Yes, I just came up with a new abbreviation WFF – which stands for Weekend Food & Fun! I’ve always been a central dweller who seldom venture to the east nor the west, mainly due to the fact that I can’t drive (yet). So last weekend, we decided to head off for a mini adventure to the east.

Credits to Andrew Chua

1st Stop – Ju Shin Jung 

This outlet at Guillemard Road is very much similar to the one at West Coast, and great for family – ball pit for kids, Korean bing su dessert shop right next to it for after meals 🙂 JSJ is slightly pricey compared to Seoul Yummy or other Korean restaurants but its very much worth it for the wide spread of good quality, authentic Kimchi and Side Dishes, attentive service and spacious restaurant. Opted for BBQ Pork Jowl, Herb Marinated Pork Belly and Seafood Tofu Soup. The Pork Jowl was a little tough so if you want a tender smokey BBQ Pork, go for Pork Belly. Its somewhat sinful but you’re already there! Cheat meal.

Ju Shin Jung

One thing to take note of is the external metal casing supporting the BBQ pit underneath the table. PLEASE do not sit too close to it… #Truestory. I had a pretty bad burn from it.

2nd Stop – Brawn & Brains 

Flat White at Brawns & Brains

Hidden Cafe right around the corner of JSJ to satisfy my craving for a good cup of coffee! A little more of my comments of this cafe here.

A ride from ECP to MBS and back 

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Let's gooooo 🚴🏻 #cycling #Ecp #octopus #gopro

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Perfect exercise for those bums and thighs accompanied by gorgeous view from sunset to starry sky. We got tips from the east dwellers to rent our bikes from 12Cycle located at Marine Parade Central, right before you take the underpass to head to ECP. You pay a fraction lesser for better bikes! I think it was $8 for 3 hours for liking their Facebook Page. Just enough time for us to head from midway ECP to Marina Barrage, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands and back to ECP, with a couple of good stops for photographs, a great way to relieve your daily work stress and enjoy a quieter, more peaceful side of this urban jungle we are living in.

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