growling stomach episode 1

After an emotions-filled first (proper) post ever since I touched down in the Land of Dim Sum and Shopping Paradise, let me now revert to my true-gluttony self! (:

Honestly, I must say that most of the yummy food I tried here belongs to the touristy F&B areas! Its hard to find a family-owned 茶餐厅 that satisfies my taste buds (other than this run-down looking one in causeway bay that serves 奶茶 and 饺子that makes you high!).

The food here is generally very salty (trust me when a salty-food lover says that), maybe oily at times, huge load of meat and a depressing lack of greens! By the way, the rice here are scooped with SOUP SCOOPS! So yes, being a rice-hater and vege-lover, daily meals are depressing! I am always overreacting when I see GREENS!

I should seriously take a video of how the scary aunties in the canteen scoop rice in to bowls! :p

But there is a reason why Hong Kong is labeled the Land of Dim Sum (: Its sooo good here I can’t stop eating! There are dim sum dishes here you can NEVER find in Singapore!

Introducing one of the best Dim Sum Restaurant I’ve tried – 稻香! My first restaurant-style Dim Sum Brunch experience with my fellow SEP friends(: There will be more dimsum experiences to come, but mostly smaller cafe-style with higher level of food-snatching and seats-chopping needed!

There’s my FAVOURITE 波囖叉烧包! The bread was soft and warm, with steaming hot juicy sweet 叉烧 filling and slightly sweet crispy top! (A similar one that is crispier on the outside at mongkok, blog another time!) Basically I LOVE anything with 叉烧 so yay to 叉烧酥, all pipping hot!(: The 煎堆 with rich purplish yam filling and 汤圆 with fragrant and thick sesame paste are must-haves too! Clearly I enjoy sweet Dim Sum dishes more than savory ones.

Savory Dimsum are kinda taken for granted. The usual 虾饺, 烧卖, 肠粉. But this restaurant has amazing springrolls! (FYI, I hate springrolls, right jiawei?) The springroll here has PRAWNS! The other strange ailen looking object is actually cows stomach, which is called 金钱肚 over here, no idea why but its SUPER YUMMY! I know I am not suppose to be eating beef, but its irresistable!

One more before I stop here, EGGTART! Another item that I am not a huge fan of, but this one at central really changed my impression of eggtarts! The temptation of buttery fragrant pastry crust and smooth milky bouncy egg filling! The ultimate comfort food! ((: 

I have way too much Hong Kong food to “document” after comtemplating for 60days, so stay tuned!

*pardon the ugly unedited photos due to a disappointing lack of photoshop software in the computer barn.