Quaint hidden cafe – Brawn & Brains

We were on our way to Ju Shin Jung at Guillemard Village (Mountbatten MRT) after a Carousell purchase when this black banner “Brawn & Brains Cafe” caught our eyes just when I mentioned that I need coffee after food. Perfecto!

Flat White at Brawns & Brains

Mmm… how should I describe the location of this cafe hidden away from the hustle and bustle. Okay, turn right at the corner right before you see Ju Shin Jung and you will spot tiny yellow metal squares for the petite asses (which I do not have). You will notice many rock climbers hopping over from the rock climbing gym nearby.

Its a tiny, unassuming cafe with a relatively more casual crowd compared to pretentious coffee places. Over at Brawn & Brains, you get quality coffee at incredible prices! $3.50 for a decent flat white comparable to some in Sydney and $3.80 for an ice cold brew. You get to choose from the beans they offer that day, for instance ours was either Single Origin or (let me find out from my partner in crime). My flat white was a rich, very slightly acidic and smokey. Wallet friendly price is an absolutely bonus!

Didn’t take much photos so I shall keep it short. Drop by and try it for yourself 🙂 I noticed others happily munching on delicious looking Beef Pastrami Sandwich and Salted Caramel Tart, will probably try it next time!

Brawn & Brains at 100 Guillemard Road #01-07, get there before they close at 7.30pm! http://www.brawnandbrains.sg

Hong Kong Mysteries – Kennedy Town


There’s always something new to discover in Hong Kong despite my millionth time there. In the past, my friends and I adore the bustling local scenes on Kowloon side. But this time, I went in search of quirky westernised scenes nestled in old Hong Kong.

Kennedy Town, Hong Kong – Hippy Spin to an old town

This little suburb is a perfect place to head to for a sip of java and enjoy a meal away from the hustle and bustle of the city (which is really only 2 MTR stations away with the new extension of the Island Line).

A bit of HK History download from my local friend, Hong Kong Island was the beginning of this city, before expansion to Kowloon. Kennedy Town was a part of the reclamation along the coast and development was not as vigorous as other urban parts of Hong Kong until recent years, which explains how Kennedy Town is a melting pot of old and new.

IMG_2550Take a stroll along the strips of waterfront in the evening and enjoy the breeze, take in a slower pace and serenity of Hong Kong. It’s such an undiscovered gem for a romantic evening even my local friends were pleasantly surprised *took mental notes for spots to bring their girlfriends*.


Go in search of cafes hidden away quietly among local cha chaan tengs and traditional medicinal shops. Every corner you turn, you will be able to find a delightfully designed cafe, Italian restaurant or pub to chill out. Walked pass Bistro Du Vin at Davis Street, didn’t get the chance to give this popular one a try. If you are in Hong Kong definitely give this a go! The restaurant offers a really relaxing French bistro vibe (somewhat countryside).


Waffling Beans shopfront caught our attention and we were not disappointed by the Belgium Waffles and Coffee served. Tucked away on a street of car mechanics and hardware suppliers, this cafe hits all the sweet spots. The play of mirrors in the cafe, stocked with a bounty of magazines, free coffee smells and an extensive menu of toppings for your Belgium waffles.

Check out Kennedy Town the next time you’re visiting Hong Kong. I like to search for local favourites on OpenRice HK too whenever I am there.