what happens at six sharp

thought of posting on my daily dinner routine in HKUST tonight!

Its really quite like eating dinner with your family on days you’re at home (and not camping in school rushing projects or mugging your ass off). You know, that comfortable quiet feeling of just eating and chatting about the lil happenings of the day(:

so its a daily six sharp gathering at LG 5 canteen (: unless its a go-out-for-dinner-day-cause-we’re-sick-of-school-food!

The ever-so-crowded LG 5 during mealtimes.

Found out something pretty amusing today :

a shuffling of tables in a weak but bonus-for-effort attempt to change the

dull and boring canteen environment LOL

Fashion statement of the day –> my RED FBT! This is so hall-fashion! and I’m loving it! (:

Really can’t be bothered to dress up for a quick dinner after a tiring 80+ MCQ mid-term paper

Its a norm to have drinks with your orders in HK,

and its hard to resist because of a mere addition of 3HKD for Iced Milk Tea!

err…50cents sgd? HAHAS!

Craving for noodles today so here’s my 杂酱面 order(:

added a heap load of my favourite chives!

#1 lifesize walking stomach : Johnston Yeo.

Credits to his record of downing 6 thick toast bread cause it’s expiring,

and the fact that he ate dimsum for lunch, laksa for tea and wanton mee for dinner today!

#2 Rice lover : Cheah Ai Lin,

my beloved daughter who is a total 无饭不欢的饭桶!


its 1030am

and I’m stuck in my room, skipping yet another psychology class in an attempt to study for my paper at 1:30pm. and clearly I am not doing very well at it! I refuse to get my ass down to studying hard for Population and Society although I’ve already missed one pop quiz and did slightly below mean for all previous quizzes.

another paper tomorrow at 1:30pm again.

please give me a mountain heap of luck and a clock that ticks 1000x faster so wednesday will come and go in a jiffy! (: I need my sleep, my teevee, my retail therapies, my exercises and most importantly, a release of overflowing ideas!

and do you know, my boyfriend is so smart! HAHAS proud ass

-can’t wait to blog with photos.

a piece of my cake

Have been as thrifty as possible in Hong Kong! Those we know me back in Singapore, yes I am willing to spend a bomb on exquisite cuisines, tea time sweeties of coffee and dessert and anywhere that spells Ambience and Chillness!

But being in Hong Kong, with a fixed amount of cash in the green lil hangseng bank account and no constant income (allowance in my case ;p). I really can’t bring myself to spend! The amount that bleeds out of my bank only covers my daily basic food consumption (and snacks which are making me fat, hence the critical need to stop snacking), my transportation expenses, and laundry! It’s really expensive to eat NORMAL food over here! Even the cheapest of places, with the most traditional and run down layout charges at least 5sgd for a main course! What happen to dear singapore foodcourt with average 3.50sgd food!

After 71days of depriving myself of a decent starbucks cake, I had to bring it home!

The 40th Anniversary Chocolate Dome!

Beneath the smooth layer of chocolate coating with sprinkles of golden dust lays soft coffee mousse. With a heart of citrus jam and praline crunch, this lil dome gave me the ultimate sugar rush of the night!

a happy photo with baby dome in my hand!


Alright, here comes the craziest part! I HAD to share this cake with mervyn! How can I possible enjoy starbucks cake without my starbucks partner?! Amazing how he started off buying me starbucks and coffeebean cakes to being my cakepartner(:

Webcam does the trick for now! and the unglam process of my HK starbucks cake experience was documented without my knowlegde. Thanks for the comical quickfix dear(: Please take in to account that he has a paper today and I have more superior photoshop skills ;p

Ending this post off with the many more starbucks cake I want to stuff myself with before heading back to singapore! Please do my fat tummy a favour and tell me if any of the cakes are available in singapore!

Have only about 7 weeks left in Hongkong, a cake a week! ;p

salted caramel cheescake

wild strawberry cheesecake

and many more!



growling stomach episode 1

After an emotions-filled first (proper) post ever since I touched down in the Land of Dim Sum and Shopping Paradise, let me now revert to my true-gluttony self! (:

Honestly, I must say that most of the yummy food I tried here belongs to the touristy F&B areas! Its hard to find a family-owned 茶餐厅 that satisfies my taste buds (other than this run-down looking one in causeway bay that serves 奶茶 and 饺子that makes you high!).

The food here is generally very salty (trust me when a salty-food lover says that), maybe oily at times, huge load of meat and a depressing lack of greens! By the way, the rice here are scooped with SOUP SCOOPS! So yes, being a rice-hater and vege-lover, daily meals are depressing! I am always overreacting when I see GREENS!

I should seriously take a video of how the scary aunties in the canteen scoop rice in to bowls! :p

But there is a reason why Hong Kong is labeled the Land of Dim Sum (: Its sooo good here I can’t stop eating! There are dim sum dishes here you can NEVER find in Singapore!

Introducing one of the best Dim Sum Restaurant I’ve tried – 稻香! My first restaurant-style Dim Sum Brunch experience with my fellow SEP friends(: There will be more dimsum experiences to come, but mostly smaller cafe-style with higher level of food-snatching and seats-chopping needed!

There’s my FAVOURITE 波囖叉烧包! The bread was soft and warm, with steaming hot juicy sweet 叉烧 filling and slightly sweet crispy top! (A similar one that is crispier on the outside at mongkok, blog another time!) Basically I LOVE anything with 叉烧 so yay to 叉烧酥, all pipping hot!(: The 煎堆 with rich purplish yam filling and 汤圆 with fragrant and thick sesame paste are must-haves too! Clearly I enjoy sweet Dim Sum dishes more than savory ones.

Savory Dimsum are kinda taken for granted. The usual 虾饺, 烧卖, 肠粉. But this restaurant has amazing springrolls! (FYI, I hate springrolls, right jiawei?) The springroll here has PRAWNS! The other strange ailen looking object is actually cows stomach, which is called 金钱肚 over here, no idea why but its SUPER YUMMY! I know I am not suppose to be eating beef, but its irresistable!

One more before I stop here, EGGTART! Another item that I am not a huge fan of, but this one at central really changed my impression of eggtarts! The temptation of buttery fragrant pastry crust and smooth milky bouncy egg filling! The ultimate comfort food! ((: 

I have way too much Hong Kong food to “document” after comtemplating for 60days, so stay tuned!

*pardon the ugly unedited photos due to a disappointing lack of photoshop software in the computer barn.

58days later

Strolled through my facebook tagged photos just a while ago and realized it doesn’t take long before I reach the photos taken when I first arrived in Hong Kong. 58 days ago! and it felt like merely a month ago.

The past 58days may have felt periodically less significant, but I have experienced so many things, went through various phrases of ups and downs, and learnt so much about myself. Besides the fact that I had an amazing time here going for dimsums and discovering HongKong! (:

Really took me a very long time to settle down in this foriegn enviornment. The overwhelming effect of new experiences and events made me a different person. But inside, I am still who I am, and it is a tremendous reassurance for myself.

Most importantly, I have come to appreciate friendship. Travelling across the small patch of waterbody (since singapore is so bloody near anyway) alone, meeting different people along the way, I realised how much a friend can support you and give you strength when you stupidly think that you’ve reached the end of the road. They help open another window for you and let the sun shine through(:

Thanks to everyone who has made my once-in-a-lifetime experience so frigging awesome! (: will treasure the next 60 over days and keep all the memories deep in my heart. No one knows how our friendship will be like when we are back in Singapore,when we’re back to our lil comfort zone and familiarity, but at least we can make the best out of it now. When I think back of my SEP days, I will be happy to know I came and crosses paths with a bunch of amazing people!

and to all my friends in singapore, who are already part of joanie (CLEARLY! PLEASE DO NOT DOUBT! LOL), I love you (: and I know, all of you will always be by my side(:

Photos I desperately want to print to pin on my cockboard but have absolutely no time to do so due to exams and slacking my time away half the time –>



Reading through my Psychology slides and came across this. I am currently a new species, half sheep half human! Totally sleep deprived due to overplaying and compulsory minimal working!

Apologizing for putting my blog to sleep mode for the past month ever since I came to UST! Will start blogging because I’ve come to realize that I only blog and facebook wayy too much when I need to studyy! Reason being, my attention span for studying is amazingly short(: Its funny how I am learning about sleep patterns and I am so sleepy now!

*Pray for Japan