What you get out of conflicts

Through conflicts and positive arguments, you learn more about the problem you are facing, the options, perspectives and solutions.

Most importantly, you learn more about yourself, your upsides and downsides. How you should try to be a better person tomorrow (: TRY being the keyword hehe 

And at the end of the day, reward your bad day (with good outcomes) with overwhelming amount of kimchi and teokkboki! 😀 

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The Beginning of Sydney

Here I am finally updating this space cause this is the best way to share with everyone what’s happening here in Sydney. Its only a 3 hour difference from Singapore and I’m finding it difficult to FaceTime people. Imagine the US vs SG time difference >.< 

Just a summary of why I’m in Sydney – SingTel Hackathon happened in Nov last year, our team won the chance to get our ideas incubated here in Sydney and bring this out to the world (: Simple. 

We reached on Friday afternoon, got our 3G and keys to the apartment. Gen-Y-ers really cannot survive without the internet. There’s no WIFI in the apartment on the first night so we practically sat in the living room and whined. 

Here’s my beautiful spacious room with a great thinking-space outside at the balcony. (And awesome for hanging my clothes :p) 


Gorgeous morning view. First thing I see when I wake up! What’s good is that I’m a day-person and days are looonnngggg in summer in Australia – from 730am to 830pm? The sky only turns dark at 830pm! Then thats when all the beer kicks in.

Did some touristy stuff over the weekend before work really started today. Just gorging, visiting weekend markets with queer & unique lil ding dongs and some iconic areas in Sydney.

First day at work today in a cozy office with great coffee around the corner to perk you up when you almost fell asleep during the morning meeting 😉



Will probably post on the idea we are working on soon (: 

Good night Singapore. 

Best Instagram Moments of 2013

Just reminiscing on 2013 and found a cool site that does a mini-video-recap of your best moments (on instagram) of the year. Interestingly, some of my most liked instagramies are really special moments of the past year. Lovely brunches, NUS Graduation that came long after I graduated, special colleague’s wedding and of course, my Seoul Trip (:

New year, new beginning! Looking forward to what opportunities 2014 will bring and how I am gonna make the best out of it.

Some good old rules I have for myself every year regardless.

Treasure old friends, make new ones (:
Know your priorities and always go an extra mile for those who are worth it.
Be humble always.
& never be afraid to love with all that you have.

Happy New Year everyone and may 2014 be awesome for you!

Forgive & forget

What triggered me to write a new post after a really long time…

Was at Toa Payoh Central tonight, got on to the car where my dad was waiting for us. A guy came knocking on the window and started the conversation with an impatient and interrogating tone

“Are you a resident here? Do you know you are at a red lot?”

Nope, we are not residents here at Toa Payoh and yes we know we are at a red lot. We were merely waiting in the car for the rest of our family members to get in (5 minutes later).

And the argument began.

My parents were fuming mad because this man started arguing, shouting and ended with “mother fucker”. Of course my dad started rising his voice after awhile…

But to me, this is such a saddening scene.

Why do we only realise the goodness of humanity only when a plane comes crashing in to world trade centre, SARS come knocking on our doors, earthquake and tsunami hits Japan, painful bombing scenes at a marathon, and nuclear war threats…

Things would have been different even with the smallest effort in making the world a more peaceful place. We need to reflect on our actions, to forgive & forget, and think of how to become a better person everyday. Its normal to be selfish, but its not normal to not realise you are selfish and reflect.


I took a really long hiatus from WordPress ever since life was all about projects and summer internship. But Life was never better actually (: Great satisfaction and enjoyed every bit of it. Felt like I am no longer my old self, no longer someone who aims for nothing because I never believed I could achieve so much. 

Now, I need to overcome this down period.

& the first baby step I took was to immerse myself in unrealistic korean dramas 😀 sounds dumb but watching dramas always make me happier. Its more of like an emotional and visual experience that you don’t get in your normal daily (real) life.

Will need to bake soon too! But I will need people to eat the stuff I baked cause thats the fun and satisfying part! Any volunteers?(:

Five Lovely Things

Inspired by one of my favourite blogs, I’ve decided to have a weekly post of 5 lovely lil things I encounter over the week(: Things that brighten up my day!

#1 Canele Coffee Hazelnut Cream Cake with 3 KR Besties(:

#2 Forty Hands Mocha, a long awaited time well spent with bff!

#3 sweet lil gesture from colleague, and at the right time when my stomach was making so much noise.

#4 Cappuccino from Oriole Cafe during brunch on Mothers’ Day ❤


#5 BEST Oreo Ice Cream yet! Better than Australian Dairy Oreo Ice Cream!! This one has loads of hidden goodness within! Chunks of Oreo crumbles you can’t miss 😀


Kudos to this wonderful man! I know its all TV and $$ some way or another for him, but you can really tell he put his whole heart in to this Food Revolution.

Got started off after watching his Nugget experiment video, which actually failed for the first time. I can’t believe how unhealthy Americans are! And it annoys me to see that the cooks in elementary schools are so reluctant in making changes! Kids there don’t freaking know what a potato is and they have never used a knife in their life. goodness…

Not done watching all the videos, check it out too, its inspiring(:

Brasserie les Saveurs: Restaurant Week 2012

A lil surprise trip planned by Merv a month ago(: Haven’t been able to find time for a meal like this for months.

Pure Indulgence at Brasserie les Saveurs, and in my opinion, we deserved the pampering! We totally enjoyed tranquillity of the place(: High ceiling, crystal chandeliers, beautiful pool view and a quiet afternoon for us.

We were served with the usual bread basket and ordered our favourite San pellegrino (which for some strange reason, only fancied by the both of us).

The restaurant’s complimentary amuse bouche, chilled tomato-based vegetable soup. It gave a good refreshing touch to prep our tastebuds! 

Merv ordered the Wild Mushroom Veloute, croutons and chives cream while I ordered the Chicory salad with roasted walnut, lardons, emmental and blue cheese, topped with mustard dressing. Thats a mouthful but basically, I was attracted by the word blue cheese (crazy cheese fan). Well, eventually finished Merv’s soup instead of mine, clear winner :p

I chose the Oven Baked Red Snapper rested on a confit of capsicum, with Parma Ham and herbs coulis. Fish-lover-me says my snapper is overcooked, sadly. But the dish was saved by the Parma Ham and capsicum, felt french with a touch of indian flavoring (from the confit of capsicum).

Lamb Shoulder with Ratte Potato, fennel and semolina was merv’s main course. Do not be deceived by the small portions on the extremely huge plate! Its quite filling and yummy too! The lamb shoulder didn’t smell “bad” and cooked till tender and soft. The brown sauce went well with it too. I’m not really sure which was better, snapper or lamb. But I am certain the next dish was AMAZING(:

Both of us ordered the Trio of Chocolate mousse with coffee ice cream and pepper anglaise cream for dessert! Definitely looks like a better choice compared to the Fruit Salad with Lime Sorbet on the menu. The sinful rich chocolate mousse, balanced with a lighter coffee ice cream really ended our meal on a sweeeet note(: The three layers of mousse wasn’t your usual light mousse, it was super chocolatey!

All this makes me so hungry now…I better sleep now! :/

Morale of the story:

The harder you work, the luckier you get. 


& I think it really worked on me. But of course, luck doesn’t always come knocking on your door even if you work hard. Like some slightly less optimistic people like to say, “I work hard yet I still do badly!”. 

withdrawal and binge

Experiencing withdrawal from Hong Kong and holiday mood! Don’t feel like going for lessons and I want to complete all my assignments and projects! Wish I have another week of recess week…

Binge “boyfriend” as well if there is even such a term LOL boyfriend has been really busy with his CFA competition since last year. and yes, I am bloody serious, (end of)LAST YEAR. Merv and his team invested sweat, blood, sleep, relationships and hundreds of hours each in to the competition. And it was no easy journey for everyone! There were really bad times too… But I am glad they made it so far and I am proud of my lil boyfriend although he has been kinda missing most of the time. Even I benefitted from this competition with more new friends and experiences(: So due to SERIOUS lack of boyfriend’s attention for the past few months, I am encountering severe binge habits now. Getting all showered with attention and love! Shall grab it all before something else comes along the way and keeps boyfriend busy away from me again!

By the way, managed to catch a movie today – Act of Valor. A story of U.S navy seals and their missions. I am a ridiculously girly person inside but strangely, war related movies attracts me! Its sad though. Check out the trailer(: