After a long week

Impromptu friday night dinner with colleagues and bosses at Da Paolo Group’s, Da Paolo Pizza Bar @ Holland Village. After a HILARIOUS and FURIOUS work out at the kinect room back in the office, we were able to free up some space for awesome pizza and drinks(:

Located at a nice quiet lane next to the landed properties. The restaurant has an open air and a clean open kitchen concept with wooden furnishing, ceiling-high wine shelves and a unique cow skin ceiling finish.

Service was pretty good there, in fact overly friendly and intrusive in my opinion at times. Guess the Indian waiter was just a passionate dude(:

Fairly acceptable calamari as one of the starters, mainly saved by a nice tangy mayonnaise dip. The second starter was better: Pear and Mushroom bruschetta. If you happen to forget your order, don’t be too surprised to bite in to mini crunchy toast topped with sweet sweet pear (looks vaguely similar to pale smoked salmon)!

Pizza there were categorized in to Tomato+cheese base or Creamy/cheese base. The six of us ordered 5 pizzas :

1) Toro (Beef with greens pizza, image above)

2) Meat Lover with extremely flavourful Iberian Chorizo!

3) Americana (Simple Hawaiian style)

4) Creamy Chicken (didn’t get to try but looks too creamy to me, and heard its a tad too sweet)

5) Seafood Pizza, with fragrant smoked salmon

 For those who knows me well, I am easily thrilled by sweet girly female wine/beer(: Wanted a glass of Moscato but it wasn’t served although it was listed on the drinks menu. So I went for Strawberry-Lime Fruit Beer and I was not disappointed. A whiff of strawberry fragrance hits you before the “beer” even touches the tip of your tongue!

Relaxing friday night, great company and thanks boss for the treat:D

Next up, really must try – Dean & Deluca Singapore at Orchard Central. Would love to see who fairs better, my good old Jones the Grocer or this! Absolute cannot resist that alluring smell of BREAD, huge selection!