22 Days of Sydney

Sitting on my bed at 1AM, counting the number of days I have left in Sydney on my calendar – Twenty Two. I’ve missed everyone in Singapore for the past 2.5 months and it will go on for the next 22 days 🙂 

I’ve changed as a person, but some things don’t change easily. I would say this trip made me grow deeper yet again (gosh…I can imagine going back to a bunch of jokers who cannot stop saying I have an old soul). 

Every trip I take and every new city I stay in makes me a stronger person. But I think the downside of that is I tend to become colder as well…It’s a fine balance. Always reminding myself that being strong does not equate to being cold towards situations and people. 

Nonetheless, life has been pretty ok, loads of great food. I shall stuff my face for the next 22 days and worry about dieting later :p 

Have a great weekend!