when you know he can only be an italian chef

and not a zi cha chef in some neighbourhood coffeeshop.

Merv decided to cook a sumptuous lunch with me today! and he did it with minimal help/supervision and after burning late night oil completing his assignment (: 200/100points for my bf!

he got me waiting cause he took longer than estimated to cook. Hence the title of my post! His mum agrees that he can’t be a zi char chef cause the uncle and aunties will scream and stomp their feet in madness thinking why their $6.50 fried noodles is taking so long! ;p

frying the huge and crunchy prawns(:

Boiling the prawn’s head for the pasta sauce! Did I mention I love prawn’s head and the roe within! 😀 but so unhealthy.

He looks I LOVE fish(:

Serving and Garnishing(: looks like italian food right? –> small portions on a way-too-big plate ❤

TADA* The masterpiece of my hardworking chef who spent almost 2hours plus cooking!

All I can say is he knows my stomach and tastebuds well ((: Although its alil too oily. you jia-(too much)-you already!

After lunch we watched the MOST HILARIOUS variety show EVER! We went literally slapping each other’s thighs hard whenever we laugh and rolled around! Its sooo tiring when you laugh too hard for a long period of time! By the way, its a korean variety show –> Running Man!

my first yu sheng of the year(: 

Dined at Soup Restaurant @ Nex.

I didn’t know Yu Sheng is only popular in singapore and malaysia. My sister mentioned that it was created in singapore! I always thought its from china!

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